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What is a core message?

Think of it as your elevator pitch. Your I help statement. It should be a clear, concise, overarching statement that defines the transformation that you do for your clients and how you plan to accomplish it.

Your core message should answer the question: “What do you do and what problem does your service solve?”

Now, why is it important for you to craft a good core message?

  1. Having a good core message should immediately allow your prospects to evaluate if you are the expert that they need to hire in order to solve their problems.
  2. If you do this wrong, you will literally repel clients. Do this right and you will be able to position yourself clearly in the market and attract your ideal clients.

Use this template below to craft your core message.

I help [insert your ideal client] [insert what they want] through strategic branding and highly converting web designs.


I help female coaches generate leads 24/7 through strategic branding and highly converting web designs.

I help brick-and-mortar businesses increase their digital presence with a strategically designed branding and website! 

I help e-commerce owners increase their revenue by creating a user-friendly, modern branding and website.

I help service-based entrepreneurs generate more profit through client attracting branding and websites.

In crafting your core message, I want you to remember these guidelines: 

  1. KISS. Keep it short and simple.

    Longer core messages tend to confuse your prospects. Instead of attracting them into your business, you’re just pushing them away.
    The ideal length of your core message should only be 10-15 words long. Anything above 15 is too lengthy.

    Also, please do not use complicated, hifalutin words in your core message. Use simple words that even a caveman would understand. You don’t need to make it fancy, you only need to make it clear and concise. Your prospects should have immediate clarity on who you are and how you can help through your core message. 
  1. Make it ROI-driven.

    “People do not buy goods or services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” – Seth Godin

The best freelancers know this. They know that prospects don’t want a new brand and a website. Well, what do they want? Of course, they want more PROFIT, more REVENUE, more LEADS, and more SALES.

Don’t sell your service, sell the transformation that your service can give. 

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