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I received this message yesterday:

I know a lot of you are eager to know my answer. Well… here’s what sets TSFDA apart from other courses in the market:

✅ TSFDA is the first and ONLY design course in the Philippines that teaches branding, web design AND entrepreneurship—ALL IN ONE.

The course offers you not only the skills, but also the marketing strategies of a premium web designer so you can earn 6-figures consistently.

✅ Aside from learning the foundations and theories of branding, you will also learn how to use design softwares such as Figma, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress, and Elementor.

✅ You will have an actual roadmap, strategies, templates, and actionable step-by-step guide to earning your first 6-figures – the same process me and my students use in earning and closing 6-figures consistently.

✅ The course’s framework has already been proven to work (with consistent implementation of course) since it has been around for almost 2 years now and we’ve gathered a bunch of results from our students already.

✅ I’ve arranged the course in a way that modules are organized and the lessons are actionable. It’s very important for me that you get results and monetary wins.

If you sign up for TSFDA, you will be getting a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to build your own brand, create your own website, and hit your six-figure dreams by becoming a brand and web designer.

✅ We have a supportive community of designers who support and help each other.

I know there are lots of active freelancing communities but the members inside our community are ALL designers. You have a community of designers beside you who understand your struggles and are very much willing to help you with your current challenges.

You see… I’ve made this course so comprehensive and so detailed because I want this to be the LAST DESIGN COURSE you’ll enroll in.

This course is meticulously crafted to the needs of designer to level up.

So meticulous, that I even had to hop on 30 market research CALLS just to find out ano nga ba ang kailangan niyong matutunan.

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